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Some basic brevity

 Post subject: Some basic brevity
PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:15 pm 
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Some basic knowledge about brevity codes used in flight by some :D

BANDIT - An aircraft identified as an enemy
BEAM (w/direction) - Target stabilized within 70 to 110 degrees of aspect
BOGEY - Unknown radar or visual contact
BOGEY DOPE - Requesting vectors to nearest threat
BRAA - Bearing, range, altitude and aspect, relative to friendly aircraft.
BRACKET (w/direction) - Directive call to manuever to a position on opposing sides
BREAK (w/direction) - Directive call to perform an immidiate maximun performance turn
BUDDY LOCK - Locked to a known friendly aircraft. Normally a response to a SPIKE or BUDDY SPIKE call
BUDDY SPIKE (position/altitude/heading) - Friendly aircraft A/A radar track indication on RWR
BUGOUT (w/direction) - Separation from that particular engagement. No intent to reengage.
BUSTER - Directive call to fly at max continuous speed (MIL power)
CAP (location) - Directive call to establish a combat air patrol at a specified point
CHECK (heading/degrees, left/right) - Turn degrees left or right and maintain new heading
CLEAN - No sensor information on non-friendly aircraft of interest
CLEARED HOT - Ordnance release is authorized
COMMIT - Directive call to intercept a group of interest
CRANK (w/direction) - Implies illuminating target at radar gimbal limits
FOX ONE - Semiactive radar guided missile launch (ex. AIM-7 Sparrow)
FOX TWO - IR guided missile launch
FOX THREE - Active radar guided missile launch
FURBALL - Known bandits and friendlies in close proximity
GATE - Directive/informative call to fly as quickly as possible, using afterburner/max power
GRAND SLAM - All hostile aircraft of a designated track are shot down
HOUND DOG - I have a solution to fire against air contact
HOSTILE - A contact identified as an enemy upon which clearance to fire is authorized
JOKER - Fuel state above BINGO at which seperation/bugout/event termination should begin
MADDOG - Visual AIM-120 launch. Launching without lock
MAGNUM - Antiradiation missile launch (ex.Harm or shrike)
MERGE - Informative call that friendlies and targets have arrived in the same visual arena.
MUD - RWR ground threat displayed with no launch identification
NAILS (w/direction)- RWR indication of a radar in search mode
NAKED - No RWR indications
NO JOY - No visual contact with the target. Opposite of TALLY
NOTCH (w/direction) - All aspect missile defensive maneuver to place threat near the beam
POPEYE - Flying in clouds or area of reduced visibility
PRESS - Directive call to continue the attack. Supportive role will be assumed by the speaker
PUSH - Go to designated frequency
RAYGUN (position) - Requesting for a BUDDY SPIKE reply from friendly aircraft meeting the parameters
RIFLE - Air to surface missile launch (ex.Maverick)
SAM (w/direction) - Visual on SAM launch
SINGER (type w/direction) - RWR indication of surface to air missile launch
SNIPER (type, location) - Directive call to employ HARM against a specified threat
SPIKE (w/direction) - RWR indication of a threat in track or launch
STRIPPED - informative call that aircraft is out of formation
STROBE (w/bearing) - Radar indications of noise jamming
TALLY - Sighting of a target, bandit, bogey or enemy position. Opposite of NO JOY
TRASHED - Informative call missile has been defeated
TUMBLEWEED - Indicates limited situational awareness. A request for information
VISUAL - Sighting of a friendly aircraft or ground position. OPPOSITE of BLIND
WEEDS - Indicates that aircraft are operating close to the surface
WINCHESTER - No ordnance remaining

It is in no way required to use all of the brevity, but it would be good if everyone knew what they ment.



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